Saturday, April 25, 2015

East King Luke Wants A Jester!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David Russo Author Page

David Russo has an Author Page at Amazon Author Central:

On the author page is a biography about David Russo.

David Russo On Writing

I like to write books that give a reader something new to enjoy.  Just like sports when an athlete is in the zone, I find that can happen with writing.  The moment it happens everything flows.  There is no writers block.  The writing goes effortlessly.  Being in the writers zone is best.

Back in the day lots of people would not want to write to friends or family or a pen pal because you have to get paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp.  These were just too much of a hassle to do for many people.  Now a days it is easy to keep in touch by texts, emails, social sites, and blog posts.  This has made the communication process faster and easier.  This post was fun to write and share.