Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Is A Mars Shot

A Mars Shot is a little further than a Moon Shot.

The money meaning of a Moon Shot is for someone to be a billionaire.
A Mars Shot is to be a trillionaire.

In running terms a Moon Shot was the 4 minute mile.
A Mars Shot is the 3 minute mile.

In a dating sense a Moon Shot is where a man is dating a woman who likes men.
A Mars Shot is when a man sees a hot woman he wants to date, but she likes women.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Planet Is Your Planet, This Planet Is My Planet

As we explore planets from a distance we name them and try to find out more about the planet.  We made it to the moon, but presently we are not living on a planet.  How will countries decide what part of the planet is theirs?  Will the same rules apply to another planet as it does on Earth?  These questions do not have to be answered now, just something to think about while doing the dishes.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where The Rubber Hits The Road

Where the rubber hits the road, that is when the wheels start to spin.

By David Russo

Ghostbuster 3 All Female Cast

"Ghostbusters 3 is going to have an all female cast."  An article in USA Today said.  How about the Three Stooges movie having an all female cast?  You can call the movie The Three Stoogets.  Instead of saying Oh a wise guy.  Nyuk nyuk. The Stoogets can say, "Oh, a wise girl. Nyuk nyuk."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Raining Cats And Dogs

Bow wow, meow!
Bow wow, meow!

Look up there, it is cats and dogs with no underwear.
They came from that cloud, and if you listen, the thunder will make a loud sound.

Get a net, hurry, hurry, and try not to get wet.
Run back and forth if you must, keep going, you will not rust.
The cats and dogs are big and small, young and old, they are very cute furry animals and you must save them all.

There is one and another, a sister, a brother, a father, and a mother.
You think life can be hard so you say, just imagine really having to rescue cats and dogs on a rainy day.

Bow wow, meow!
Bow wow, meow!

By David Russo

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tesla Elon Musk Buys 007's Sub

USA Today said, "Tesla's Elon Musk buys 007's sub to make it real."
ComicDaveRusso said, "Someone should buy the Doctor Who phone booth time machine and make it real."

Subway Garlic Bread

USA Today said, "Subway to roll out garlic bread option."
ComicDaveRusso said, "Dracula won't be visiting the Subway food store anytime soon, unless it is Halloween."