Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Childrens Motto

Always help mommy and daddy out.

We will always clean our bedroom and get the best grades.

We will always go to bed on time and wake up early.

And we will always eat our veggies.

And when we grow up, if we can, we will buy mommy and daddy a mansion and any other toys they want.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

David Russo Author Page

David Russo has an Author Page at Amazon Author Central:


On the author page is a biography about David Russo.

David Russo On Writing

I like to write books that give a reader something new to enjoy.  Just like sports when an athlete is in the zone, I find that can happen with writing.  The moment it happens everything flows.  There is no writers block.  The writing goes effortlessly.  Being in the writers zone is best.

Back in the day lots of people would not want to write to friends or family or a pen pal because you have to get paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp.  These were just too much of a hassle to do for many people.  Now a days it is easy to keep in touch by texts, emails, social sites, and blog posts.  This has made the communication process faster and easier.  This post was fun to write and share.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Antman Funny Ideas

These are not spoilers for the Antman movie because I have not seen it yet.  Some suggestions for Antman (you could put them in the DVD deleted scenes or in the movie if you really like them):

Have a villian say to Antman, "I am going to step on you like the ant you are."

How about Antman gets captured by a boy or girl and placed in an ant farm.  Of course Antman escapes.

Where is Antwoman?

I guess I should go see the movie to find out if any of the above ideas are part of the movie.

Alien Camps Of Thinking

Here is what people believe about aliens:

1. The camp that believes they are here clandestinely already, working with the governments, etc.

2. The camp that believes they exist but have yet to be found in some distant galaxy.

3. The camp that believes they are only microbes on other planets.

4. The camp that believes they are here disguised as people and not working with the government.  The Coneheads fall into camp four.

5. The camp that believes they do not exist.

6. The camp that believes they are extinct.

If you ask an alien they will tell you they like this post.  At least that is what I think an Alien would say.  That is if you can find one.

Why Do People Live Long?

Lots of time old people are giving credit to certain foods or doing exercising for the reasons why they are living so long.

When I am a 110, I will say I lived a long time and give credit to breathing.  Who knows by the time I am 110 that will be the new 65.

America and Englands Funny Differences

America has signs that say, "Exit".
England has signs that say, "Way Out".
ComicDaveRusso says put them together and you have a sign that says, "Way Exit".  Let us see if we can implement this so America and England can come together.

America has single buses, and a few double Decker buses.
England has double Decker buses.
ComicDaveRusso says, let's make triple Decker buses.  Kids really like to sit up on the second level of a bus and they will love it even more to be on the third level of the bus.